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About Us

FINE INTERNATIONAL is an acclaimed overseas manpower consultancy which offers lucrative opening for prospective jobseekers in their respective industry.

International recruitment has gained a tremendous foothold and recognition and has invited many budding India talents to prove their worthiness. Indians bring new vision, thought, experience, qualification, knowledge and talents which make all the difference giving them an edge over others.

In today’s world of recruitment, Manpower Consultants in the country need to adapt a sincere and scientific strategy to work upon the right opportunity for the right candidate and give them a direction to fulfill their aspirations and dreams, while of course, satisfying the needs and requirement of the employers, and thus contributing to the growth and success of their organization.

Manpower Consultants should endeavor to deliver consistent services of highest quality so to secure the enthusiasm and loyalty of their clients and earn credibility, trends and along term business.

The success of any establishment depends on the quality of manpower its workforce. Hence it is extremely essential for a company to have right men for right jobs.
We aim to achieve perfection in everything we undertake and we have a commitment to excel.s

Our message is simple and clear-services we offer should be our expression of love and joy as client are more inclined to be loyal when they know their business is appreciated that someone cares…

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(Managing Director)


(Managing Director)